Feedback on the Joint Use and Planning Agreement

We are sharing the important information below on behalf of, and in partnership with, the City of Calgary. 

The City of Calgary, Calgary Catholic School District, Calgary Board of Education, and Conseil Scolaire FrancoSud are working together to update the Joint Use and Planning Agreement. The agreement provides guidance on how to plan and develop joint-use sites, which include school sites. The agreement will govern how school sites are used and what complementary uses are allowed on them. These sites are community hubs where residents gather for various activities and events. We signed the original Agreement in 1985. Since then, Calgary has grown and changed. There are also new city policies and provincial legislation in place.

We’d like your input on permitted uses, recreation activities and mobility options for joint use sites. Your input will be used, where possible, to ensure these sites continue to meet the evolving needs of Calgarians over time. 

How to Give Your Feedback

Please share your feedback before April 23