January Return to School

We continue to adjust to a world with COVID-19 and we are grateful for your faith, perseverance and hard work. Thank you for helping us to maintain learning and safety in our schools.

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Saint of the Month

Saint Marguerite was a teacher who came to Canada in 1653. Several years later, she formed the Congregation of Notre Dame with a group of other women. They opened missions, taught vocational courses for youth and responded to urgent needs that arose. She is the patron saint of poor people and of people rejected by religious orders.

Symbols of Our Faith

Each bishop is a symbol of Christ, the Good Shepherd. In turn, the Bishop wears several symbols or regalia including the pectoral cross, ring, mitre, and crozier (staff). The pectoral cross is worn on a chain around the neck and rests on the chest over the heart, reminding the Bishop of Christ’s passion and of the call to live the cross in his life. The ring which the Bishop wears reminds him of his fidelity to the Church. The mitre is the folding cap or headdress worn by the Bishop; it symbolizes authority. The crozier, which is shaped like a shepherd’s staff, reminds the Bishop that he is faithfully leading his flock to Christ.

Prayer of the Month

Lord God, with the coming of cold and snow, we enter into the blessing of winter. Warm our hearts and minds by keeping alive within us the joy and love we experienced in the revelation of your love for the world through the birth of Christ. Continue to enrich and transform us each day that we may share with others the gift of love we have received so lavishly and generously. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Share Goodness

In January, we celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Take some time to learn about other Christian faiths and about the things we share in common. Pray for unity between Christians as well as within families and communities. Also consider other places in which unity exists (for example, across cultures, between different age groups, between plants and animals).